About ST.ART

Our Mission

ST.ART Artist Programs cultivate creative exploration and community amongst artists, designers and educators from all demographics and at every juncture of their practice. Our youth programs invite teens to envision a sustainable future in the field of art + design and create employment opportunities for emerging arts educators to grow in their professional practice.

Our Team

Amelia Fleming-Cazalas

Founder + Executive Director

Renee Lai

Faculty Lead + Head of Concentrations

Peter Abrami

Faculty Lead + Head of Foundations

Summer 2023 Faculty + Staff

Each summer ST.ART employs up to 30 emerging and established artist, designers, educators and historians in to seasonal positions as instructors and in administrative roles. Our 2023 summer staff and faculty list will be updated as candidates are selected.

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Pam Reyes, Program Coordinator
Fabiana Munoz, Lead Program Assistant
Mik-Everret, Program Assistant
Clayton Vaughan, Program Assistant
Sarah Calvin, Program Assistant
Renee Lai, Drawing & Painting Instructor
Peter Abrami, Drawing & Painting; Foundations Instructor
Sarah Fagan, Drawing & Painting Instructor
Yvette Stickell, Photography Instructor
Audrey Blood, Printmaking Instructor
Rachael Starbuck, Sculpture Instructor
Matt Rebholz, Photography Instructor
Celine Lassos, Animation Instructor

Board of Directors

Ariel Spiegelman, Chair
Dr. Paul Bolin
Margo Bray Fleming, Secretary


Tracey Tassinari, Joyage Studio
Clare Donnelly